Long-Term E-Cigarette Users Migrate Towards Sweeter E-Juices

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There has been no shortage of debate surrounding the availability of e-juice flavours outside of menthol and tobacco both in Australia and abroad. While some have argued that flavoured e-liquids may attract young vapers, a new study carried out by US researchers suggests that sweeter vape juice flavours are important to long-term vapers, a group which includes older vapers.

Vapers Migrate Towards Sweeter Flavours

The researchers found that migration to sweeter e-liquid flavours occurred in all demographic groups that took part in the study. So even though many vapers start with tobacco and menthol flavoured e-cigs, vapers often migrate towards sweeter flavours over time, such as chocolate and custard.

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Participants of the study had an average age of 44 ± 12 years. Of those who participated in the study, only 36-44% maintained their preference for their original e-liquid flavour.

Less Interest In Tobacco & Menthol Over Time

Even though a significant amount of smokers switch to e-cigarettes with menthol and tobacco flavoured e-liquids in an attempt to mimic the conventional cigarettes that they’re trying to leave behind, the study found that vapers’ preference for tobacco, mint, and menthol flavoured e-liquids dropped over time from 40% at baseline to 22% at follow-up.

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E-Liquid Flavours Are Important To Vapers

If there’s one takeaway from this study that should be highlighted it is the importance of flavour availability to vapers. There are more than a few non-vapers out there that are advocating for the elimination of access to flavoured e-liquids outside of menthol and tobacco, however, as this study shows there are vapers in every age group that prefer to use other flavours and these other flavours may very well play an important role in keeping former smokers from relapsing and returning to the cigarettes that they left behind.

It’s also important to note that many ex-smokers who have switched to vaping want nothing to do with the cigarettes that they quit smoking when they switched to vaping. Leaving these ex-smokers with only two options for e-cig flavours that both remind them of cigarettes (menthol & tobacco) sounds ludicrous, does it not?


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