Vaper Empire Apple E-Liquid Review

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Vaper Empire Apple E-Liquid Review


Apple e-liquids are definitely not all the same. Some certainly taste better than others and Vaper Empire's is definitely one of the best. It's not overly sweet or overly tart, it's bottled perfection. If you enjoy apples and have an appreciation for fruity flavoured e-liquids, then Vaper Empire's Apple is a must buy. You can buy it online from Vaper Empire.

  • Flavour 9.5
  • Quality 10
  • Vapour 9.5
  • Price 8.5

In-Depth Vaper Empire Apple E-Liquid Review

Fruity e-juices are popular with some vapers, but not all. Vaper Empire’s Apple makes us wonder why that is. It’s quite frankly one of the best-tasting e-juices on the market right now and it’s made by a company that pushes the envelope when it comes to quality e-liquids. Just a few drops in and we knew it was one of the best e-juices we had tried. After an entire bottle, well, all we can say is that this is one insanely good vape juice that we absolutely love. If you like apples or if you’re interested in trying a new fruit e-juice, then do not wait to try this instant classic. Yeah, it’s that good.

Crisp & Clean

Anyone who has ever searched for the best apple e-liquid has probably had at least one that was too sweet. If we wanted a candy flavoured vape juice we’d go with a dessert e-liquid, not a fruity one. Vaper Empire seems to understand this because their Apple isn’t overly sweet like a lot of its competitors. Instead, it’s crisp and clean. It’s refreshing, not subduing. You’ll feel alive, yet relaxed and content with just one puff.

Smooth Vapour

You’re not going to choke on this juice, it’s very smooth even at higher nicotine concentrations. Some of you might even want to mix in a dash of something cold, like a nice cool menthol e-juice or something similar to give it a little bit of bite. But for those of you that just want something sweet, smooth, and delicious, then this is your vape juice – no changes necessary.

Not For Cheapskates

This is not the cheapest e-liquid and that’s true for all Vaper Empire’s e-liquids, but that shouldn’t surprise you given that what the company offers is premium e-juice and for that, well, you’re going to have to pay a bit more. But it’s worth it. Absolutely worth it. There aren’t any cheap ingredients in this e-juice, it’s all high-grade right down to the pharmaceutical-grade nicotine. If you’re looking for good vape juice, here it is.

Verdict: Awesome E-Juice For Apple Lovers

Even if you rarely eat apples but enjoy their flavour, this e-juice from Vaper Empire is one to buy. It tastes better than any apple we’ve ever had and it produces smooth vapour with every draw. We recommend it as an all-day vape juice or one for the rotation. It’s available in multiple bottle sizes and it can be purchased straight from the Vaper Empire store.


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