Juul Review

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Juul Vape Review

7.3 OKAY

Juul might be popular but it's far from the best pod vape with disposable pods. The e-juice that it uses is pretty good, however, flavours are limited and so are nicotine strengths. While compact and portable, many vapers will find themselves having to recharge the battery before day's end. Pods occasionally leak and that's reason enough to consider Juul alternatives like the Viggo Series. In conclusion, the Juul is an okay vape but not one that we recommend due to the existence of better pod systems on the market.

  • Battery 7
  • Design 7
  • E-Juice 7
  • Vapour 8
  • Pods 6
  • Price 8.5

In-Depth Juul Vape Review

The popularity of Juul almost certainly leads many to assume that it’s one of the best e-cigs there is, but we would beg to differ after testing it for an extended period of time. It definitely works but it has some downsides that are hard to ignore, perhaps the most noticeable of which is its occasionally leaky pods. They don’t always spill e-juice in your mouth, but when they do… it’s not pleasant. Here’s an in-depth review of the Juul pod system.

Leaky Vape Pods Are A Big Downside

The biggest complaint that we have about the Juul is its vape pods, which sometimes leak while they’re in use. It’s one thing for a pod to be defective and show signs of leaking inside of its packaging as these can quickly be discarded, but it’s another thing entirely when a seemingly functional pod suddenly leaks a considerable amount of e-juice in your mouth. This occasionally happens when vaping with a Juul and it’s a less than pleasant experience that we’d rather avoid, which is one of the reasons why we prefer to use other pod vapes instead. The reason why Juul pods leak range from manufacturing defects to user error. If you’re thinking we’re the only ones that have ever run into a leaky Juul pod, think again. Hundreds of thousands of Juul customers have complained to Juul about their pods leaking e-juice in their mouths.

Battery Life Could Be Improved, As Could Charging

Light vapers might not notice how short the Juul’s battery life actually is, but anyone who goes through a pod or more per day may realise just how fast the battery runs out of power. It’s easy to recharge, but it’s not all that fast. There are pod vapes that charge twice as fast and last twice as long while still maintaining a small size that makes them roughly as portable as the Juul. This is one area where we’d love to see some improvement. But it’s not all bad. The Juul is, after all, small enough to be carried in pairs. By which we mean that you could carry around a second Juul battery in a pocket without any real trouble, effectively doubling the amount of time you can vape with the Juul without recharging.

Very Easy To Use

Juuls aren’t difficult to pick up and use. New vapers who are transitioning from smoking may find it easier to use than a conventional cigarette. There’s no need to light it and there aren’t any buttons requiring pressing or holding. Pick the Juul up, attach a pod, and start drawing through the mouthpiece-end of the pod to start vaping. Juul, like many modern e-cigs, does all the heavy lifting for you and starts producing vapour when you start to inhale. It makes it easy to get going and it takes all of the guesswork out of calibrating your vape for the best hit because it gives you no options to choose from.

Nicotine Salts Do The Trick

Nic salts are great for former smokers that want to vape instead of smoke because they really hit hard in the sense that they quickly deliver nicotine and potentially lots of it. Compared to freebase nicotine, salts are actually absorbed quicker by the human body and the latest formulas allow them to remain smooth at higher nicotine strengths like 50mg/ml, which is a concentration freebase nicotine does not vape well at because the vapour becomes way too harsh for the vast majority of vapers.

Flavours Remain Limited

Vapers love flavours. No question about it. Unfortunately, Juul doesn’t offer many flavours. There are ways around this like using refillable Juul compatible pods, but from what we’ve seen, the alternatives aren’t very good and tend to leak more than the normal pods.

Summary: The Juul Device Could Be Better

For what the Juul is, it’s a pretty decent vape. It’s small, easy to use, easy to recharge, and it vapes fairly well when it’s not leaking vape juice in your mouth. The nicotine salts are powerful, quickly squashing cravings with minimal effort. But between the leaking e-liquid and the unimpressive battery life, we prefer to use other pod vapes. One of the big reasons why Juul is popular in some places is because it’s just as accessible as conventional cigarettes, allowing smokers to buy a Juul instead of a pack of cigs. In Australia, as things are now, you have to order Juul from an overseas supplier and import it into the country for personal use. Rather than do all that, you might as well just buy a better vape. If you’re set on buying a pod vape, we recommend checking out the Viggo by Vaper Empire. While similar to the Juul, it is, in just about every sense, a much better vape.


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