Best Juul Alternative 2023

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The best Juul alternative of 2023 is the Viggo pod vape. Like Juul devices, the Viggo uses refillable vape pods. Only, the Viggo’s pods, which boast a leak-free design, contain twice as much vape juice. With its wide selection of pod flavours, voltage control, and soft-touch battery, the Viggo offers a more luxurious vaping experience.

What Makes The Viggo The Best Juul Alternative In 2023

On an aesthetic level, which is subjective, the Viggo locks down the win for the best appearance. What’s really not subjective is the fact that the Viggo is literally softer to the touch, the result of its soft-touch device battery. Both vapes are comfortable to use but it’s the little details that etch out the win for the Viggo, like it’s contoured mouthpiece that rests just a little more comfortably in your mouth and the soft coating on the vape itself. But all of these relatively minor details aren’t what really sets these two vapes apart, what really sets them apart is:

  1. The vape juice that they use and the flavours that they’re available in.
  2. How much juice their vape pods hold.
  3. The speed at which their batteries recharge and how long they last while they’re being used.

In these three areas, the Viggo claims the crown as the better vape.

Viggo Series Vape Pods

The Viggo’s leak-free pods are available in many flavours.

The Vape Juice Makes The Difference

Both the Viggo, which is made by Vaper Empire, and the Juul device, which is made by Juul Labs, use nicotine salts in their e-liquid. This is a good thing in more ways than one because nic salts absorb faster and they’re smoother on the draw. While they’re both matched in this sense, the juice that’s in the Viggo’s pods tastes richer and more well-balanced.

As for the flavours, there are options with both but the flavours for the Viggo will probably strike you as a lot more appealing. The Viggo has flavours like:

  • Watermelon Mints
  • Berry Crush
  • Caramel Tobacco
  • Orange Crush
  • Creamy Custard
  • Flat White Coffee

There are also fruits like Apple and Blueberry, plus a variety of tobaccos like Whole Leaf and regular Tobacco. There’s also, as you probably assumed, a Menthol flavour.

The flavours that Juul offers differ depending on which country you’re shopping in. Vape shops in the US only have Menthol and Virginia Tobacco, but UK vape shops have Glacier Mint, Berry, Summer Menthol, Mango, Ruby Menthol, Blackcurrant Tobacco, and some others.

Which brand of vape juice you like more is going to depend on your own preference for such things but if you want our opinion, go with the Viggo juice because it tastes better.

The Viggo’s Pods Contain More E-Juice

Would you rather have 0.7 ml of juice to vape in your pod or 1.8 ml? If you’d rather have more, which you probably do, then the obvious choice between the two is the Viggo because 1.8 ml is a lot more than 0.7 ml.

The fact that Viggo’s pods hold more juice isn’t that big of a deal because you can carry extra pods for either vape, but do you want to? With the Juul, you might have to, otherwise, there’s a chance you’re going to vape right through your pod and be left vapeless.

Viggo Vape Battery

The 400 mAh Viggo Series vape battery recharges fast.

The Viggo Recharges Faster And Lasts Longer

We’ve never actually timed it but Vaper Empire claims that the Viggo lasts twice as long as the Juul does between charges and that it still manages to fully recharge in about the same amount of time, an hour. If that’s even remotely accurate then the Viggo is the clear winner.

From our own experiences using these two pod vapes, we’ve found that the Viggo does seem to last longer and that both devices seem to charge rather fast. But with either vape, it’s our preference to have a backup battery that’s fully charged so that there’s no downtime between vaping sessions.

One other aspect that differentiates these two pod systems is the multiple voltage settings that only the Viggo device has. You might never change the voltage when using it but if you do, you might realise that it’s a handy feature that gives you more control over your vapour.


There’s no real debate here on whether the Viggo is better than the Juul. The Viggo is superior in every way. Like everything that Vaper Empire makes, you can buy the Viggo from their vape shop. They sell it as a vape kit or you can buy a spare battery if that’s all you need. The kits all come with pods so you can open the box, charge the vape, attach a pod, and get to vaping without having to buy anything else. If you just want a simple pod vape that you can use right out of the box then all you need to do is order a Viggo starter kit.

If you do buy a Viggo, our pro tip is to invest in a 3-month value pack of their pods because doing so will save you a little money and it’ll let you try a whole bunch of different pod flavours to help you figure out which ones you really like.

That’s it for now. Be sure to explore the rest of our vape reviews when you have time. We’ve tested quite a few to save you the trouble of wasting your money on vapes that work like garbage so do yourself a massive favour and read our reviews before you buy another vape.


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