Iced E-Liquid Definition & Information

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Iced vape juice is crazy popular these days and Australians who aren’t sure what it’s all about are wondering what exactly is iced vape juice? The answer is simple: a vape juice that contains menthol.

The menthol in iced vape juices makes the vapour feel cool. We’re talking temperature here, as in cold. If you’ve ever had a cough drop with menthol in it then you probably know the sensation that we’re talking about.

Menthol can be derived from various sources. For instance, it can be extracted from spearmint. It can also be synthesized in a laboratory. What type of menthol is used in an iced e-liquid varies, as manufacturers don’t all use the same ingredients.

When menthol is added to e-liquid, the resulting vapour is not just cool, it’s also more apt to be felt in the back of the throat when inhaled. This sensation, called throat hit, is increased with the addition of menthol. For this reason, some vapers prefer to use iced flavours.

Popular Iced Vape Juices

Nowadays, iced e-liquids are available in many different combinations of flavours. Some of the more popular combine fruit or tobacco with menthol. Here are some examples:

  • Iced Watermelon
  • Iced Tobacco
  • Iced Cherry
  • Iced Tobacco RY4
  • Iced Berries

E-juice manufacturers sometimes use “ice” instead of “iced,” however, it means the same thing. It’s also sometimes added to the end of the flavour’s name, such as watermelon ice.

Ex-Smokers And Iced E-Liquids

Cigarette smokers that have switched to vaping sometimes find iced e-liquid flavours to be preferable to other options for a couple of reasons. As the menthol helps increase the throat hit sensation, some former smokers find that the vapour produced from iced e-juices more closely mimics the smoke that they used to inhale.

The other, somewhat obvious reason, is because many ex-smokers used to puff on menthol cigarettes and the menthol in iced e-juices is reminiscent of the cigarettes that they used to smoke, possibly making it easier to transition from smoking to vaping.

You Can “Ice” Just About Any E-Juice

Many vapers never attempt to make their own e-juice, which is absolutely fine. With so many well-made flavours already on the market, one might wonder what point there is in trying to make one at home. While making e-juice from the raw ingredients can be more trouble than it’s worth, there is an easy way to “ice” just about any vape juice that you want. All you have to do is take a bottle of menthol e-liquid and mix it with whatever e-liquid flavour you want.

So if you have a bottle of strawberry vape juice and you really like it but you want to see what it’d taste like iced, all you have to do is add some menthol e-liquid to it. You can mix it in an empty bottle so you don’t ruin what you already have or you can put it straight in your tank and mix it there if that’s easier for you. Just remember not to add too much menthol because you can’t take it out once it’s mixed in there but you can always add more!

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