How To Get A Nicotine Prescription To Vape In Australia

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If you’re in need of a nicotine prescription in Australia so that you can quit smoking by switching to vaping, there are doctors that are available to assist you by assessing your suitability for nicotine vaping products and writing you a prescription for nicotine if doing so is appropriate.

How To Get Your Nicotine Prescription

Start by seeing your family doctor. If they are unable to help, there may be other doctors who can. The Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association (ATHRA) maintains a list on their website of licensed doctors in the country that are available to assess your suitability for vaping nicotine and are able to write you a prescription for nicotine if they deem doing so appropriate based on their assessment of your suitability for vaping.

You can find ATHRA’s list of doctors here.

Once you’ve located a doctor in your area, you can schedule an in-person appointment to assess your suitability for vaping. If you are unable to find a doctor in your area, you can schedule a telehealth consultation via phone or video.

How To Obtain Your Prescription Online

If seeing your doctor does not work for you or you simply can’t find one in your area that’s able to prescribe you nicotine e-cigarettes, there’s another option that might be faster and more convenient for you. That option is to use an online service that employs licensed doctors that are already authorised to prescribe nicotine e-cigs to Australians.

Quit Clinics makes it easy to receive your prescription in just 24 hours. You can visit the Quit Clinics website to get started on your quest to obtain your vaping prescription so that you can legally purchase nicotine vaping supplies.

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Who Is Vaping Appropriate For?

While vaping is certainly not for everybody, there are those for who vaping is right. If you are a tobacco smoker that has tried unsuccessfully to quit smoking using other methods, then vaping may be right for you.

Here’s a list of those for who vaping may be suitable:

  • Cigarette smokers
  • Cigar smokers
  • Hookah smokers
  • Tobacco pipe smokers

This is perhaps an incomplete list, but the point remains the same: vaping nicotine is intended for tobacco smokers who are intent on quitting smoking. International research has shown vaping to be far less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

In the United Kingdom, Public Health England now recommends that smokers switch to vaping. In New Zealand, the Health Ministry recommends the same.


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