Dual-Battery Vape Mods Hit The Market

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As if vape mods weren’t already powerful enough, some vape manufacturers have decided that two batteries are better than one. This may seem like a gimmick, and surely in some ways it is, but there are actually vape tanks on the market that require more than the 100 watts of power that single-battery vapes rarely exceed in order to achieve optimal performance.

The Rigel by SMOK is one such vape, packing two batteries instead of one and producing 230 watts of maximum vaping power. Is it necessary? Of course not, but it does exist and there are sure to be some vapers that actually want a mod with as much power as the Rigel and others like it offer.

Although these super-powered vapes are fairly uncommon and obviously not intended for most casual vapers, there is and has always been that small number of vape enthusiasts who just can’t help but take everything to the next level and push that envelope over and over.

Looking at the vape tanks on the market today, it’s apparent that a 230W vape is well beyond necessary. However, there is still the future of vaping products to consider. A vape with over 200 watts of vaping power may very well be prepared for future vape tanks that have yet to arrive, giving it an edge over less powerful competitors when and if that time ever comes.

The real benefit, all things considered, is the improved battery life that dual-battery vapes offer. Vapers who don’t take full advantage of all the vaping power that a dual-battery vape has to offer may still benefit from being able to vape for longer durations between charges.

What do you think, are dual-battery vape mods the future of vaping or just another gimmick that’s hardly worth noticing?


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